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#imagine A Kendall story [part five]

James looks you in your eyes, waiting for an answer. He slowly leans in to kiss you. You : ‘’No thank you.’’ You push him away and walk away. You’re thinking that was pretty cool of yourself. I mean, James is such a HOTTIE! And you could’ve had both the BTR boys! But you decided not to, and that was a mature decision. Besides, Kendall is the sweetest boy ever. You could never hurt or cheat on him. James walks behind you, not saying anything. You : ‘’Hey.’’ Carlos : ‘’OMG! They’re back!’’ Kendall turns around and looks worried. He walks over to you and huggs you tightly. Kendall : ‘’God! Where have you been?’’ You : ‘’I was-‘’ James : ‘’We were lost. ‘Cause it’s such a big building and all.’’ Your friend sees that you’re a bit nervous. Friend : ‘’You’re okay, though?’’ You : ‘’Yes, Totally.’’ You notice that your friend isn’t sitting next to Logan anymore. And they’re not kissing. Odd.
Logan : ‘’Okay then! Let’s head back. Tomorrow’s our day off but we still need to get some sleep. Are you ladies spending the night again?’’ You : ‘’Uhm, Yes I guess we are. We told our parents we would spent the night here and head back the day after the concert, since we didn’t know if it was going to be late.’’ Logan : ‘’Cool.’’ He looks at your friend and then looks down. What’s up with these two?
Carlos : ‘’Let’s go then, they wanna lock this place down.’’

You all walk down to the car with some of BTR’s procuders. They ride with us, but they’re staying in another hotel. You’re walking hand in hand with Kendall. Logan and your friend aren’t. You : ‘’What’s up with those two?’’ Kendall : ‘’They had a little fight.’’ You : ‘’About?’’ Kendall : ‘’They were talking about ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. Logan was talking about this girl and right that moment he got a text from her. I don’t know what it said, but it got [FN] pretty upset. You : ‘’I see.. she IS the jealous type.’’ Kendall : ‘’And you? Are you the jealous type?’’ You : ‘’Not at all, I know when people are just friends.’’ Kendall smiles at you, like he’s glad to have such an amazing girlfriend. Kendall : ‘’You’re awesome.’’ He kisses your cheeck. You smile, but little does he know..

Back in the hotel room you all get ready for bed and it’s the same as last night. You turn of the lights. It suddenly goes back on, though. You turn around and see Kendall, wearing nothing but shorts. His hair is wet. I guess he probably took a fast shower before going to bed. He comes a bit closer and says : ‘’You’re sleeping in my bed.’’ You blush and before you can say anything he takes your hand and walks you to his bedroom. You feel bad leaving your friend there by herself. But You’re sure she’ll understand.
In Kendall’s room he kisses you. You get the vibe that he didn’t want you in his bed for THAT reason. He just wants you next to him. You both lay in bed, you in Kendalls arms. Kendall : ‘’Night, beautifull.’’ You : ‘’Night, cutest guy in the world.’’ He smiles and closes his eyes. You’re almost asleep, as you hear loud voices. Kendall hears them too. Logan : ‘’I’m sorry okay?!’’ Friend: ‘’I don’t care! Why would she text you that!?’’ Logan : ‘’Because she’s a crazy girl, that’s why! Why would I ask you to be my girlfriend if I didn’t like you?’’ Logan asked her to be his girlfriend? Cute, you think. Kendall : ‘’I think they’re fighting.’’ You : ‘’Should we go over there?’’ Kendall : ‘’No, Logan can save himself.’’
Friend : ‘’So you really don’t speak with her anymore?’’ Logan : ‘’No, I really don’t. She’s just obsessed, she still comes to concerts. But that’s it, I swear.’’ Friend : ‘’Okay.. I’m sorry. Logan : ‘’Me too. So.. Wanna move to my bedroom?’’ Friend : ‘’I thought you’d never ask.’’ You can hear a door closing, probably Logan’s bedroom door.
You : ‘’They’re done, we can finally sleep now.’’ you say when you curl up in Kendalls arms. Kendall kisses your forehead. It’s a peacefull night. There’s 1 thing, though. You keep dreaming about James and Kendall. Fighting. And you know why.

The next morning you’re up early. You want to make breakfast for everyone. And ofcourse, you want to be the first one to know what happend last night with your friend and Logan. You’re listening to your Ipod while making breakfast. You made a playlist so you don’t have to get eggs all over your Ipod.
On my mind by Cody Simpson. You honestly can’t get that song out of your mind. The song ended. Next is I know you know. You love that song, because you can pretend you’re Cymphonica.
You : ‘’Hey baby, you drive me crazy. It ain’t about what you’ve done me lately. It’s all about you, no lie it’s the truth. Just wanna say I got a big time crush on you’’ you sing. You can feel that someone put his arms around you. Kendall, you think. He pulls out your earphones and sings. : ‘’I know, You know, We could be something.’’ .. It’s James. You quickly turn around and he’s looking at you, smiling. You look around the room to see if no one’s there. James : ‘’Goodmorning.’’ You : ‘’Hi.’’ James : ‘’You’re a great singer. Funny that song came on, don’t ya think?’’ You : ‘’No, I don’t.’’ You continue cooking. James sings : ‘’We could be something.’’ You : ‘’Stop, James. We can’t be something. I’m Kendall girlfriend. Do I really need to spell it out for you?’’ James whispers : ‘’Can he make you feel like this?’’ He kisses your neck while he rests his hands on your hips. It makes you feel so weak that you drop the spatula. You try to push his hands away. No luck. You : ‘’James.. Please stop..’’ you try to say with the little bit control you have left in your body. Right at that moment, your friend walks into the room. Friend : ‘’Is it okay if I have my eggs with bacon or something?’’ she says while she gets some milk out of the fridge. Luckily she didn’t see anything. You : ‘’Uhmm, yeah sure, one egg with bacon coming up!’’ You grab the spatula and continue cooking. James : ‘’I’m gonna take a shower.’’ As he walks past you he slaps your butt. As you look at him he shows a playfull smile.
Jerk. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I’m not falling for it. Never! You hear me James David Maslow!?

#imagine A Kendall story [part four]

Friend : *Screaming* It’s SO crowded! You : ‘’I know! They said it was totally sold out!’’
??? : ‘’Hi! I saw you were brought here by one of the workers. Do you have V.i.p tickets also?’’ You turn around and see a pretty girl in front of you. She looks like she’s around 18. You : ‘’Uhm, No.. I mean yes! Yes, V.i.p tickets indeed.’’
You don’t feel comfortable saying you slept with Kendall for these spots. That sounds so.. slutty, I guess? Besides, her shirt says ‘I <3 Kendall Schmidt’ so it’s probably not a good idea to tell her anyway.
The crowd starts screaming ‘Big Time Rush! Big Time Rush! Big Time Rush!’
And the show begins!
It starts of with ‘Famous’ like always and you’re screaming the words to the songs and you’re having a blast with your friend. Kendall looks and waves at you a few times, but the I <3 kendall fangirl next to you thinks he’s waving to her. Let her in her dream, You think.

Kendall : ‘’So are you having fun!?’’ Crowd : ‘’KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!’’
Logan : ‘’Alright! Well we have a little suprise for a special someone today, don’t we Kendall?’’ Kendall : ‘’Yeah!, There’s a someone I’d like to ask on stage.’’
All the fangirl start screaming, hoping he picks them. You scream too, ofcourse.
James : ‘’You see, Kendall is a bit in LOVE!.’’ The crowd screams, but somehow you can hear the dissapointment in their voices.. Poor people.. YAY FOR ME!
Carlos : ‘’So go ahead buddy.’’ Kendall : ‘’[YN], please come on stage for a minute or 4?’’ he says while he kneels down before you. OMG!, You think! You walk on stage and Kendall sings : ‘’All I really want is to be your’’ totally accapella. Then the song starts. Boyfriend!

After the song he kisses you, which was a little embarrassing infront of a crowd. You go back into the crowd and you scream with your friend. The girl next to you doesn’t look as happy though. Girl : Your name is [YN]? So is mine! You : Really? How cool!’’

The concert’s awesome and you can’t believe how many teddybears were trown on stage.
After the last song, Halfway There, they leave. And you go backstage. The boys gave you backstage passes, how cool is that?

You : ‘’He guys!The show was awesome! Kendall runs towards you and spins you around kissing you. Kendall : ‘’So?’’ You : ‘’So.. What?’’ Kendall : ‘’Can I be your boyfriend?’’
You : ‘’Kendall! That’s so sweet of you! Ofcourse silly!’’ As you hugg him you see James looking at you, and then looking away, with a kind of annoyed look on his face.
James : ‘’I’m going to see some fans. I’ll be signing things, if you need me.’’ Logan : ‘’Yeah, sure dude.’’ He kisses your friend. AGAIN. Seriously, They’ve been kissing non-stop since they become boyfriend and girlfriend. You’re not sure if they are yet but, I’m sure it won’t take long.

You and the guys hang out backstage for a few more hours, because it has videogames and the hotel doesn’t. You notice James has been gone for a long time now. You : ‘’I’m going to look for James for a second.’’ Kendall : ‘’Yeah, sure. He’s probably flirting with some fans.’’
You smile and then go out the door. You walk through the building but can’t seem to find anything or anyone. Everyone’s gone home already. Then you hear something.
You see a room which says ‘workers sleepingroom’. Probably for workers who have to stay here working a few days, but have to take a nap from time to time.
You push open the door and see two people kissing and flirting. You look closer and see it’s the girl from the concert. What’s she doing here? And who the hell is she kissing with.
.. OMG! It’s James! You can see part of his shiny hair, his theeth are so white they’re almost glow in the dark and you can smell him.. he smells so nice.. no wait, that’s not the point! James is making out with a fan? Without having feelings for her? Is that right?

You try to walk back but hit something and it makes a little noise. James and the girl [You’ll call here concertgirl from now] spot you and she walks away. She obviously didn’t want me to see her with James. You : ‘’Hey, I’ve been looking for you.’’ James walks towards you and says : ‘’Well, here I am.’’ He’s still coming closer and you can smell the scent of alcohol on him. You : ‘’So.. Who was that girl?’’ James : ‘’A fun girl to mess around with.’’ You : ‘’Mess around with? You’re just messing with her? That’s so wrong! You were kissing her weren’t you?’’ James : ‘’I ‘’mess’’ with a lot of girls. It’s not a big deal.’’ He says while he puts his hand behind your ear. You like that.. No wait, foces! You : ‘’You’re not supposed to hurt girls like that!’’ James : ‘’So everyone gets to have fun, expect me?!’’ James holds your shoulders against the wall. You : ‘’Fun?’’ James : ‘’Yes, fun. Don’t you think Kendall doesn’t want to have a little fun with you?’’ You : ‘’.. What do you mean with fun, James?’’ James : ‘’I think you know what fun is..’’
James leans in and kisses you. You’re kind of shocked but you try to pull yourself together and push him away. You can’t. He’s to strong. And drunk on top of that. James is kissing your neck while he says : ‘’Let’s have some fun..’’ He pulls you with him into the room and locks the door. This isn’t nice. James : ‘’I caught you looking at me.’’ You : ‘’I’m in love with Kendall.’’ James : ‘’That’s what you keep telling yourself.’’ He comes closer and pushes you on the bed. You : ‘’James stop!’’ He really is too strong. He holds your arms down, so you can’t push him away or go anywhere. Then he takes of his shirt. Oh no, you think. For a second you’re thinking about letting him do all the stuff to you that he wants to. NO! What I’m I thinking! And you try to push James one more time. No luck.
James whispers in your ear : ‘’It won’t work. You’ll be mine by morning.’’
Him whispering in your ear makes you so weak. You can’t fight anymore. You lost. James : ‘’Good girl.’’ You spend the night with James.

Your mind is blank. You didn’t enjoy it. But you didn’t hate it. It felt right, just as with Kendall. You’re laying in James’s arms. You do like this part. You feel guilty for feeling good in James’s arms. Kendall.., you think. James is fast asleep. You’re wondering if he did all of this because he was drunk? Because he was jealous, maybe? On Kendall? Or on me? Nah, James isn’t gay, so stop thinking ridiculous things like that. You just don’t want to face the fact that James might.. like you.

You look at the time. 3:30. It was 12 pm when you left looking for James. They’ll start looking for you too. I better get up. You want to get out of bed but something holds you.
James : ‘’Hey beautifull. Don’t go.’’ You look at him with a –why-would-you-do-such-a-thing-look. You sit up on the edge of the bed and James folds his arms around you and kisses your neck. It makes you feel weak. You : ‘’James.. stop it..’’ Kendall : ‘’Guys! James! [YN]!’’ You : ‘’Oh my god! It’s Kendall!’’ Luckily James gets that Kendall can’t find out about this and gets dressed. When you’re both dressed he says : ‘’I’m sorry. I was drunk. I didn’t mean for this to happen.’’ You : ‘’You’re forgiven. Just, Don’t tell Kendall.’’ James : ‘’Sure. But..’’ You : ‘’But?’’ James pushes you to the wall and hold your arms above your head. James : ‘’You seemed to like it.’’ he whispers in your ear. He starts kissing your neck. Again, the weakness. You can’t fight yourself anymore. You kiss him on the lips. You : ‘’Don’t tell Kendall, please don’t.’’ James kisses you. But it’s different from last nights kiss. Well, it’s technaclly still night, but you know what I mean. That kiss was forced and taken from you. Which was kinda kinky… Towh! Stop thinking stuff like that! Anyways, this kiss was passionate and full of .. romance.
You decide to go after Kendall. James opens up the door and looks around the corners to make sure there’s no one to see you. Once out of the room you yell : ‘’Kendall!?’’ .. He’s probably back to the boys already. You try to walk away when James grabs your arm and pulls you close and .. cuddles you? That’s the first time he’s done that. James : ‘’So..’’ You : ‘’What?’’ James : ‘’I wanna date you.’’ You : ‘’You can’t. I’m taken.’’ James shows a playfull smile when he says : ‘’I know~ I’m talking about a secret relationship.’’ You look him in the eyes and you’re ready to decline the offer, but then he whispers ‘’You know you want it’’ into your ear and kisses your neck. You’re a sucker for sweet words combined with the neck kissing thing. An affair? With James?
A secret, romantic affair with James David Maslow? A Tempting offer..

#imagine A Kendall story [part three]

The movie finally ended and Kendall and you chat a little while james knocks on the door.
James : ‘’It’s me, Logan and [FN], open up.’’ You : ‘’I’ll get the door.’’
You open up the door hug your friend and you all get ready for bed.
Your friend and you sleep on a matresses in de living area.
Logan : ‘’Well, see ya tomorrow guys.’’ He looks at [FN] and says ‘’Goodnight [FN].’’
Friend : ‘’Night.’’
You turn of the lights and chat with your friend for a little bit.
You : ‘’What was that?’’ Friend: ‘’What do you mean?’’ You : ‘’Oh come on! Logan’s totally got the hots for you!’’ Your friend blushes and says : ‘’Ya think?’’ That would be a dream coming true’’ You both giggle, because you know exactly what she means. You felt the same way when Kendall kissed you. That reminds you, you still have to tell her about that. But you decide you’ll do it in the morning, since it’s late and all.


You and your friend decide to get up early, because you don’t want to be seen sleeping by the boys. While you’re at it, why not make them breakfast too? Your friend went to the little shop accross the street to get some milk, because the only thing the boys had in the fridge was beer and soda’s.

As you’re making sunnyside ups Kendall slides his hands around your hips and says : ‘’Something smells good.’’ You : ‘’Hey, Goodmorning!’’ The touch of Kendalls hands make you feel warm and fuzzy. You : ‘’I’m making breakfast. Want some sunny side up eggs?’’
Kendall : ‘’I want something else.’’ You : ‘’Hmm?’’ Kendall : ‘’I think you know what I want.’’ Kendall starts kissing your neck and holds you tighter. You’re trembling a little. Not because you’re scared or anything, but because the touch of kendall and his kisses feel like.. heaven.
He turns of the gas, grabs your hand and takes you to his bedroom. He locks the door and looks at you in such a turn-on-way. He leans in to kiss you, which is making you lie down on his bed. It’s the same as last night, but this time, you won’t be disturbed. He takes of his shirt and kisses you intense. Then he takes of your sleeping shirt and start kissing your neck again. He takes your hands and holds them down above your head so that you can’t go anywhere. He’s so strong.. He’s going more down and he removes all the other clothing pieces that were standing between his and your body. This feels so right.. Like Kendall and you were ment to be.. During the sex you hear the boys and your friend talking, but you think they know that Kendall and you needed some private time.

After your done having sex with Kendall you two lay in bed, you in Kendalls arms. It’s such a nice moment. Kendall : ‘’You’re amazing.’’
You : *Laughs* what makes you say that?’’ Kendall kisses you and says : ‘’You just are.’’ You smile and decide to look at the time. You’re wondering if you can go backstage now that Kendall and you.. wel, had sex. You decide to ask him very carefully.
You : ‘’Kendall?’’ Kendall : ‘’Hmm?’’ You : ‘’I think I have to go. Otherwise I won’t be able to stand in front at the concert.’’ Kendall : ‘’What are you talkin’ about! I’ll get you at the front.’’ You : ‘’Really?!’’ Kendall : ‘’Ofcourse! I want to be able to see my girlfriend when I sing ‘Boyfriend’.’’


Wait a minute. Girlfriend? Did Kendall just say you’re his GIRLFRIEND? Is this really happening?! Isn’t it going a little fast? You met him yesterday! You mean, you’d love to be his girlfriend and you think you know him pretty well since you saw and read all the BTR interviews in the world, but still!

You : ‘’Girlfr-‘’ James : ‘’Come on Kendall get up already! Oh and [YN] we know you’re in there too!’’ Kendall looks at you and you both laugh. Kendall : ‘’I guess we’re caught.’’
You : ‘’Looks like it.’’

The boys, your friend and you have a blast hanging out and around 6:30 you and your friend decide to get ready for the concert. You already decided what to wear. A BTR shirt with all their song titles on it, with a pair of light blue jeans and black converse. Just really simple.
Your friend’s wearing a grey BTR shirt with the boys on it, together with black jeans and grey converse. You put on your make-up, do your hair and you’re just about done while the boys ask you girls if you wanna come to the soundcheck. Your friend : ‘’We’d love too!’’ Logan : ‘’Cool.’’ I have a little suprise for you there.’’ Friend : ‘’Really? I dig suprises.’’

As Logan and your friend are talking you feel something in your hand. You look and see that Kendall is holding your hand. Kendall : ‘’Ready to go?’’ You : ‘’Ready as I’ll ever be!’’
Carlos : ‘’We really need to find ourselfs some girlfriends tonight James.’’ James : ‘’Yeah, you’re right’’ he says. James looks at you and smiles.

You’re at the soundcheck and there are some fans too. They probably have v.i.p tickets.
The first song is Famous and you LOVE that song! But then something amazing happens.
Worldwide plays and Logan sings it all by him self while the others watch. He asked your friend on stage and you’re so happy for her! You can see some fans who aren’t all that happy about it and stare with a hate-look at your friend. You decide to ignore them and have a good time. At the end of the song Logan kisses your friend and asks if she wants to go on a date with him. How cute! The rest of the soundcheck goes flawless and the boys have some time to relax and prepare for the concert backstage.

You’re backstage in their dressing room and you look around for a bit. There’s Carlos playing videogames with Kendall. There’s your friend who sits on Logans lap kssing and being all lovey-dovey. And there’s James. He sitting by himself. On twitter, I think. Let’s go talk to him.
You : ‘’Whatcha doing?’’ James : ‘’Hey. I was just replying to some fans.’’ You : ‘’I think it’s really cool that you do that. The other boys should do that more often.’’
James : ‘’Yeah, well my fans are important to me, and there are some pretty cute ones also.’’ he says with a wink. You : ‘’Would you date a fan?’’ It stays quiet for a while and James looks into your eyes while he says : ‘’Yeah.. Definitely.’’ His eyes are so beautifull..
Kendall : ‘’[YN!]’’ You : ‘’HUH?!’’ Kendall startled you and you feel kinda ‘’bad’’, you feel like Kendall ‘caught’ you looking into James eyes. Like.. you cheated, or something. Is it possible to cheat on someone by just looking someone in the eyes? Probably not.

You : ‘Whaddup?’’ Kendall takes your hands, looks into your eyes and says : ‘’Let’s get you in front of the stage.’’ You : ‘’YAY! I’m SO excited!’’
You and your friend go with one of the workers there, who will bring you to the front of the stage. As you leave you can feel James’s eyes on you.
Checking you out.

His .. beautifull eyes..

#imagine - A Kendall story [part two]

When you walk into the hotel you see a HUGE lobby with on each lounge table the cutest little flowers you’ve ever seen. Kendall : ‘’Ye.. Carl.. By.. Haha! [YN]? Are you listening?’’ As you’re gazing at the flowers Kendall gives you a little punch. Kendall : ‘’Pretty flowers huh?’’ You : ‘’Sorry, I’ve never seen flowers like this before. They’re so cute! They’re my new favorite flowers, Haha!
There’s silents for a few seconds.
Kendall?’’ Kendall : Hmm? Sorry I was just thinking something..’’ You : ‘’What?’’ Kendall : ‘’Nothing much. Let’s go.’’
You : ‘’Where’s Carlos?’’ Kendall : ‘’He went on ahead.’’
The thought that you are alone with Kendall Schmidt gives you a smile and makes you want to jump and kiss his face off. Unfortunately, That’s not gonna happen.

In the elevator it suddenly became kind of akward. Kendall doesn’t look at you as of he’s trying to hide something. His hand ‘’accidentely’’ touches yours a few times, but you’re only glad that Kendall Schmidt is touching your hand. I mean, come on. It’s KENDALL SCHMIDT.

Once on the floor Kendall and you walk to the right door. Kendall : ‘’Hi guys it’s me open up.’’ The door opens and there he is. James Maslow. Your favorite BTR guy!
His smiles and you can’t help but notice how white his theeth are and how shiny his hair looks.
‘’So beautifull..’’ you say. Kendall and James start to laugh. James : *Laughs* ‘’What are you talking about! Come on in!’’ Kendall drags you inside straight to the couch to look at the wound. ‘’Carlos told us a pretty girl was coming’’ James says while he pours a drink for you. ‘’I didn’t know that she’d be gorgeous.’’ He says with a flirty smile while he hands you a glass of water. You’re still melting as Kendall says : ‘’There. All done.’’ You : ‘’Done? What do you mean done? You didn’t do anything!’’ You look at the table and your wound, and notice that there’s alcohol, some tissues and a plaster on your wound.
Wow, you think. Kendall was so gentle I didn’t even notice him treating my wound. Either THAT, or I was just to busy looking at James.

Kendall : ‘’I think a THANK YOU would be in place!’’ You : *Laugh* ‘’Sorry, Thank you Kendall!’’ James sits next to you and says : ‘’So were you waiting for our concert?’’ You : ‘’Yes, I’ve been there before, but I was in the middle, so I couldn’t really see much. I did jump and try to get your attention though!’’ Kendall : ‘’Which concert was it?’’ You : ‘’The one from july 7th’’ James : ‘’Were you the girl with the green scarf?’’ You : ‘’Oh my god yes!’’ Kendall : ‘’We totally noticed you. We were even talking about you backstage. James: ‘’*Laughs* Yeah! Did you see Carlos waved at you?’’ You : ‘’Those were the best 3 seconds of my life.’’ You all laugh as your phone goes.

You : ‘’Sorry, I have to take this one.’’ *on the phone* He [FN]! Friend: OMG, how is it going? You : It’s A-MA-ZING. James : ‘’She can come over if she wants!’’ You : ‘’I’ll tell her! *On the phone* James said you can come over if you want! Friend : Is James there?! KYAAAAWW!! Is Logan there? Please say Logan’s there! You : Hmm no, but he stays here too, so maybe he’s just out for a while? Friend : I’ll be right the.. oh wait. The tent. You : RIGHT! NOOO!
Kendall : ‘’What NOOOOOO?’’ You : ‘’She has to stay with the tent remember?’’ James : ‘’You can sleep here. We can put down 2 matresses.’’ You : ‘’Really!?’’
Kendall : ‘’Yeah, no problem! Two good looking girls can’t stay on the street!’’
*On the phone* You : Did you hear that? Friend : I totally did!
James : ‘’Tell her I’ll come over to help her with the tent.’’ You: ‘’I will!’’ *On the phone* You : ‘’Did you-‘’ Friend: ‘’YES I HEARD!’’
Beep Beep Beep. She hung up.

You : ‘’Words can’t express how much I thank you guys right now.’’ Kendall : ‘’Then don’t say anything! Wanna watch a movie?’’ You : ‘’Sure!’’
As you’re picking out a movie with Kendall James says : ‘’I’ll be going then!’’ Kendall and you : ‘’Bye’’
You : ‘’Where are Logan and Carlos anyways?’’ Kendall : ‘’They went to a bar thingy close by. James and I didn’t feel like going. So what movie are you in the mood for?’’
You : ‘’Hmm, I’m a horror and comedy fan, so drama or lovey dovey isn’t an option!’’
Kendall : ‘’Great, I’m not in the mood for a braincracking drama either.’’

You continue picking out the movie and after that Kendall puts it in the Blu-ray player.

Kendall : ‘’Want something to drink?’’ You : ‘’Glass of water please.’’ Kendall : ‘’You sure? No soda?’’ You : ‘’Nah, I don’t drink soda’s.’’ Kendall : ‘’Really? That’s so cool of you!’’
You blush as Kendall walks towards you but he trips and spills the water all over you!
Your hair and clothing are totally soaked!
Kendall : Oh my god! I’m so sorry!’’ You : ‘’You better be!’’ you say laughing.
You both start laughing at the situation and Kendall says : ‘’I’ll bring you a towel. You can have a shirt of mine.’’ As Kendall leaves you can’t express how happy you are with the water in your hair. Kendalls shirt! Kendalls shirt Kendalls shirt Kendalls shirt! You think.
Kendall comes back at hands you the towel and shirt. Kendall : ‘’You can change in the bathroom. Again, sorry’’ You : ‘’It’s okay. Good I didn’t order something sticky.’’

Once your done changing you look in the mirror. Your hair is wet and you’re wearing nothing more then an oversized shirt. Hot.

You’re brushing your hair as you walk out of the bathroom.
Kendall : ‘’Did the shirt-‘’ Kendall stares at you for a moment. You feel kinda embarrassed.
You : ‘’Did the shirt fit, you mean? It fits just right’’ you say while you sit next to Kendall on the couch. You see he’s got the hots for you and you decide to take advantage of it.
You: ‘’I’ll get my own drink this time.’’ You say laughing. You walk towards the kitching and you pour in a glass of water. You can feel Kendalls eyes on you. As you sit back next to Kendall you ask: ‘’You’re alright? You didn’t say anything since I came out of the bathroom. I look weird don’t I? I’ve never really been a shirt pers-

There it is. Bam.
Kendall is kissing you. His kiss feels so gentle and soft. He’s an amazing kisser.

Things start to get a bit heavier as he leans in more, making you lie down on the couch.
You can feel his hands dicovering your body, going up your, well, Kendalls shirt.
Your kissing wilder and Kendall takes of his shirt. His body is gorgeous. You’ve seen his body on pictures on the internet before but this is the real thing. He shakes his hair a little to get it out of his eyes and kisses you more intense. You’re about to say his name while someone knocks on the door. You both stop and look at each other. You both know this is REALLY akward. He gets up quickly, putting his shirt on. You sit up and fix your hair.
Kendall goes to the door to open up. Kendall : ‘’He guys.’’ Logan : ‘’Whassup Kendall?’’
Carlos : ‘’Hey [YN]! You : ‘’Hey!’’ Logan walks up to you to introduce himself.
Logan : ‘’Hey pretty girl! I’m Logan’’ and he kisses your hand. Kendall sees it and quickly sits next to you and asks Logan if the bar was any good. Logan : ‘’Yeah, It was alright.’’ Carlos : ‘’Nothing special. I’m gonna go to bed. Concert at 8 p.m right?’’ You : ‘’8.30’’ you say quickly. All the guys laugh and Logan says : Where’s James at?’’ Kendall : ‘’He went to pick up [YN]s friend. They’re spending the night. Logan :’’Awesome! I’ll go help James then. I’ll call him to see where it is.’’ Kendall : ‘Yeah, cool.’’ Logan : ‘’Bye then. Bye [YN]’’
You : ‘’Bye Logan.’’ You smile.

It stays silent for a few seconds.
Kendall : ‘’That was.. akward.’’ You : ‘’It sure was.’’
This is such a painfull situation. What should I do? Just talk about something!
You : Kendall I-
Kendall : Shall we ju-
You both laugh. You : ‘’Go ahead.’’ Kendall : ‘’Shall we finish the movie?’’
You : ‘’Sounds like a plan.’’ Kendall presses play but all you can think about was that intense kiss. Was it a kiss? It started as a kiss but then it became something more. But you couldn’t really call it sex. It was between kissing and sex..
Ah well! Who cares what it was! You kissed Kendall Schmidt!

Big Time Rush’ new song; If I ruled the world.
With no doubt, the best summer song of 2011.

Logan: She’s gone forever..
Carlos: *cries* But I’ll never forget her face.
James: *cries* She said it was over.
Kendall: *depressed* She lives so far away..
*Carlos, James and Kendall all start crying*
Big Time Single.
#imagine - A Kendall story [part one]

You can’t believe it! BTR is coming to your nearest event hall! You and your best friend are OBSESSED!
It’s only one day away and you and your friend spend the night in a tiny little tent in front of the event hall to make sure you are in front.
You’re having a blast talking about the things that could happen at the concert.. You could bump into Carlos and he’ll fall in love with you! Or maybe James trips and accedentily kisses you!
You giggle and blush and it’s midnight when you hear a few voices outside..

You : ‘Shhh shh shh!’ -Wisper- ‘What’s that?’
Friend : ‘I don’t know.’
You two listen more carefully and hear that they are boys voices.
??? : ‘So this is where we perform tomorrow?’
??? :’ Yeah, This is it’.
??? : ‘Sick!’

You : -Wispers- ‘Oh my god, they’re boys’.
Friend : ‘It sounds like Kendall and Carlos!’
You : ‘Yeah right, You have TOO much fantasy.’
You both giggle while one off the boys says :
??? : ‘Look there’s a tent over there! Do you think they’re waiting for our concert?’
You and your best friend decide to take a look, since it couldn’t possibly be Carlos and Kendall.. right?
You open up your tent and you freeze.
Your friend was right. It’s Carlos and Kendall.
You are still freezed while your friend says : ‘So, who are they?’ while she tries to push you aside and take a look for herself.
You : ‘Wow wait!’ You trip over a shoe and scream a little while you fall out of the tent. Carlos and Kendall obviously heard.
You : ”Ouch, I think I scrapped my elbow..”
Friend : ”Sorry..”
Carlos : ”Hey!”
Kendall : ”Are you alright?”
You : ”Uhmm.. Yes I’m fine thanks”

Kendall : ”Aii, That doesn’t look too good.”
You : ”I’m fine, really”
Friend : ”You sure?”
Carlos : ”Well, We can look at it at our hotel, I mean, You can’t leave that untreated.”
You : ”But, we have our tent here, and it’s really not a big deal.”
Your friend notices that Kendall can’t keep his eyes off of you.
Friend : ”It’s okay, I’ll stay here.” You look at her with the biggest-THANKYOU- eyes ever and ask : ”You sure?”
Friend : ”Yeah sure! Go to the hotel, I’ll stay here, fighting for our spot!”
Carlos and Kendall laugh and Kendall helps you up.
Kendall : ”It’s not that far”
Carlos : ”Nah, It’s right around the corner.”

While you guys walk you’re talking about the concert, new songs, movies, music (and ofcourse, they keep asking you if it really doesn’t hurt) ect. and you and Kendall seem to really hit it off!



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